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5S and Lean

With the increasingly high cost of specialized tools, parts, and assembly items, it has become necessary to develop a system to protect and control these assets. Utilization of our products within your 5S program can help reduce waste and increase efficiency saving your company time and money throughout your production processes and facility.


U.S. Foam & Etch, Inc., as part of our 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) core offerings, specializes in space utilization and efficiency models. Incorporating this model, we work with each customer to provide our 3A approach of Analyze, Assess and Advise to create a work environment that promotes increased work flow and efficiency.
Car Frame

Powerful benefits of being organized

- Boost your productivity

Increase your profitability 
- Reduce down time
- Protect valuable assets

- Ensure you comply with government regulations


Pharmaceutical Optimization

Throughput is a metric often measured in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Reducing downtime during change over is a key element to increasing productivity.

We have supplied 5S organization boards for vial, syringe, liquid and lyophilized lines including external washer, filler, internal washer, capper, and tray loader parts.

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