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Custom Foam Manufacturer

We manufacture custom foam inserts for tool inventory control and foreign object debris / damage control.


Product Packaging

We design and manufacture foam products for storage, protection, and transport.


Laser Etching Services

We laser etch tools, parts, and assets with company names, logos and serialized numbers for inventory and asset control.


Your Partner

With over two decades in the industry, we provide our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you achieve their goal.

Airplane Engine

Our services help you control "Tool FOD".

Foreign Object Damage costs the aerospace industry an average of $12 billion dollars a year in direct and indirect costs which can range from replacement parts and materials to delays and cancelations. Let us help you with your FOD program.

Are you in search of a dependable method to keep your tools well-organized and within reach? Our custom tool kits, complete with foam inserts and inventory control systems, offer the ideal solution. Our top-notch products guarantee that your tools are always in the right place when you need them. Get in touch with us today to explore our range of customizable options.
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